Pool Locations

SC Swim Lessons specializes in providing the best one on one Private Swim Lessons at backyard and community pools throughout San Clemente. All Clients are responsible for providing pool access and following any community regulations. Backyard lessons can be booked anytime as long as the commute is paid and accounted for. See Terms and Conditions.


Talega Swim and Athletic Club

For Talega Residents only! Located at 100 Calle Altea this is the only Talega Community pool our instructors are permitted to teach. The Majority of lessons are taught here so all drive times are calculated from here. Please report unauthorized teaching at Saluda and Tierra Grande.


Cypress Cove and Shores Community Pool

For Cypress Cove and Shores Residents Only! The Second most popular location for lessons all drive times are calclated from here. 


Backyard and Other Community Pools

Our instructors will commute to any permitted location or backyard pool if the commute back and forth is paid for. On the Scheduling tool choose any location and find date and time that works for you and book the size lesson you desire plus drive time.