Terms and Conditions


SC Swim Lessons takes a different approach than the traditional swim school which allows many benefits but some restrictions. Here are our terms and conditions:

Locations - For Residents Only

These communities have been gracious enough to adopt our instructors as their "approved instructors" which make up the bulk of our business. At SC Swim Lessons we call these "home pools" because the residents do not have to pay for the commute and our instructors get to teach back to back lessons without getting out of the water! We calculate the drive times back and forth from these locations to accommodate backyard lessons and other community pools and the commute must be paid for* SC Swim Lessons currently waives the commute fee for any pool visit 90 minutes or more!** 


  • Our instructors do not have access to any pools, they are guests of the resident. 
  • Instructors are Independently contracted 

Since we offer swim lessons all year long, we try to become more flexible in the "off season" to accommodate the inability to predict cold and poor weather days with a different cancellation policy November through March.